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Min Choi


Logo & Packaging




H.H. Samuel & Bariol

Bogus Brews is a fun and quirky beer brand that embraces the ridiculousness of what, and who, San Diego, California is known for by accentuating the bogus nature of stereo-types. Bogus Brews caters to a younger crowd of drinkers, ages 21-35, who enjoy a good joke. 

The goal of this craft microbrewery is to entertain beer lovers with humorous illustrations based on classic San Diegans. The brand is lighthearted and outlandish.

To bring Bogus Brews to life, I illustrated a unique character that best represented each beer and placed each of them in an environment that is well-known in San Diego. The color palette heavily consists of teals and tans, and was inspired by SoCal’s infamous clear skies and sunny beaches. 

Each illustration has a unique, hand-drawn name and is complemented by H.H. Samuel, a bold, broad stroked sans serif that allows the hand-drawn names to take center stage.

design in mind

What is the name of the micro brewery?

The name of the micro brewery is ‘Bogus Brews’. Bogus (bow-gus) is
a slang word describing something that is either outrageous or out of the ordinary.

What is the personality/voice of the brewery?

Bogus Brews has a laid back personality that is authentic to San Diego culture. Our brand communicates with our audience through a casual, conversational tone with use of slang and sarcasm. 

Who is the target audience/demographic? 

Our target audience is a younger drinking crowd, between the ages of 21-35. Our demographic includes local San Diegans, transplants to San Diego, tourists, and young adults in Mexico (Ensenada). It’s all in good fun! Ridiculous, fun loving, light-hearted, silly drinkers are the appropriate audience for our brand. Those who don’t take themselves too seriously and can enjoy a joke, even at their own expense.

What are the unique factors of the brewery? 

The unique design factors of Bogus Brews is the modern, almost cartoonish, illustration style. While other breweries use illustrations, they tend to be more on the serious, semi-realistic side. Bogus Brews labels contain bright colors that individually represent each stereotype, with a unifying look and feel to each style of beer that lets consumers know the beers are a part of the same brand. 

What is the desired response from the audience?

The desired response from our audience is delight and amusement.
We want our audience to laugh and enjoy the brand while possibly drawing parallels between either themselves or others.