A Celebration of Harry Potter


Sean Bacon


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Candida, Birch, & Various

Live The Magic is an event associated with Universal Studios’ Celebration of Harry Potter. The unforgettable event allows fans to immerse themselves into the magical world of Harry Potter. The celebration features panel discussions along with question & answer sessions where guests can see some of the series’ stars in person. Fans can learn wand combat skills and test their Harry Potter knowledge with a trivia challenge. 

Live The Magic was designed to embrace the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary that lies within each of us. When considering the design of the mailer, I wanted to include elements that appeared in both the book series and the movies. The exterior features the ‘Howler’ Ron Weasley receives from his mother after stealing his father’s Ford Anglia. Once unfolded, the interior of the mailer includes all of the event information along with fun facts from the books and movies. The interior was styled after the newspaper The Daily Prophet, with many of the facts sized so small they’re entirely illegible. I chose a wide variety of typefaces to give it the authentic, off-kilter look of the paper known so well by beloved Harry Potter fans.

design in mind

What is the event?  

The event is called “Live the Magic”. It’s a ficticious celebration of Harry Potter held at Universal Orlando, Florida. It is held in the two park locations of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon Alley™ and Hogsmeade™.

What is the desired response from the audience?

The desired response from the audience is delight and excitement.
We want our audience to be drawn in to the event, but also to the
fun-facts listed.  

Who is the target audience/demographic? 

The target audience is Harry Potter fans; young and old alike who
want to immerse themselves into the magical world they’ve read about in the books and/or have watched in the movies. 

What is the personality of your design?

The Live the Magic poster has a quirky and silly personality with serious undertones. It is a mass of information that seems to be randomly inserted and  illegible and until you look closely and see
and read the content.

What are the unique factors of your design? 

The unique design factors of Live the Magic is the different type applications to provide visual interest, texture, and content that draws the viewer in. In addition to the package information, there are many Harry Potter fun-facts for viewers to explore. There are also graphics that help convey the information, such as the hand, heart, and bee illustrations. It is inspired by and designed base on the Wizarding newspaper, The Daily Prophet, to help convey to the audience that it
is for a Harry Potter event.